Coyu Edits Vol. I

Out on: Suara


Flip To Old School (Coyu Edit)

Coyu, Max Noize

Broke Jane (Coyu Edit)

Ruben Mandolini, Coyu

Let Me Do It (Slowly) (Coyu Edit)

Coyu, Chocolate Avenue

La Hoja (Coyu Edit)

Le Vinyl, Javi Bora, Melohman, Coyu

Filgud (Coyu 2012 Edit)

Ramiro Lopez, Coyu

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Suara uses to get hundreds of demos every week. Some of them are high quality but there are a few little details that don’t fit Suara 100%%. Mastercat Coyu have decided to take some of those demo tunes and give them his particular touch. This first volume of edits is very varied. «Flip To The School» is an old school 90’s funky house track; «Broke Jane» is also funky but techie as hell; «La Hoja» is a triply percussive monster; «Let Me Do It (Slowly) is an emotive deep house tune and «Filgud» (edit of a Coyu remix previously released on Summer ’11) is a mental journey thru finest percussion and sexy grooves. Edits for very different moments of the night, always full of energy and quality beats. Artwork by GaAs. Mastering by www.pobla.es Label Management by Miracle.


Release: SUARA066

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